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Worship Guitar Skills

THE ALL-IN-ONE PACK: Your Ultimate Worship Tone Toolkit

THE ALL-IN-ONE PACK: Your Ultimate Worship Tone Toolkit

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Are you a worship guitarist striving for that epic worship tone that touches hearts and spirits? We've got the all-encompassing solution you've been seeking: "The All-In-One Pack".

This comprehensive collection combines all of our meticulously crafted patches for nine revered worship songs, eight iconic dual-amp setups, and five favorite FX patches, tailored especially for Line 6 Helix.

Individually, each of these patches retails for $4.99. If purchased separately, the 22 patches in this pack would amount to a total of $109.78. But now, we're making this even more exciting with our "The All-In-One Pack". You have the extraordinary opportunity to own all these masterfully curated sounds for an unbeatable price of just $39.99!

This translates to a savings of over 60%, sparing you from the time and effort you'd invest in selecting and purchasing these patches individually. With "The All-In-One Pack", you're not just investing in superior tone, you're investing in value!
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The All-In-One Pack

Your Ultimate Worship Tone Toolkit

This pack features:

01 – Song Patches for...

02 – Dual Amp Patches for...

[Click on the patch links above to see more info.]

03 – [COMING SOON] Favorite FX Patches for...

  • Swell Patch
  • Swell Patch 2
  • Slap Spring
  • Fav Effects Wet Patch
  • Fav Effects Dry Patch

But this bundle isn't just about great savings. "The All-In-One Pack" is about empowering you to deliver inspiring worship sessions with an array of tones at your disposal.

Each patch in this bundle is a pathway to elevating your worship guitar tone, creating immersive, emotion-filled worship experiences, and inspiring faith and devotion in every heart. 

So, are you ready to unlock the full potential of your tone? Do you want to inspire deeper encounters with every note?

Then grab "The All-In-One Pack" today and make every chord and note resonate with passion and powerful inspiration.